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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

I really hope the rumors of Nightwing are wrong. Not because I dislike Nightwing, but I would rather it be something built up to. Here's what I'd like to see:

Batman 1 should introduce us to Batman's world through Dick Grayson's eyes. Dick should only be around 12 or 13, and the movie should really a father-son relationship between the two of them. The movie as a whole should take place over a six-month period, showing Robin becoming a powerful teammate. I think by the end of the movie, though, Dick should realize that he doesn't want to become like Bruce. He doesn't want to wear the mask until that becomes all that's left of him. (Did I mention the primary antagonist should be The Black Mask?) Robin walks away, and Bruce is proud of him for it.

The next year, DC should release a movie about Raven and one other Teen Titan (Cyborg?). Follow those up immediately with Teen Titans. From there, you could have one Teen Titans movie every two years until Robin is an adult. At this point, the Titans could go their separate ways, and you could have a Nightwing movie.

Meanwhile, on the Batman side of things, Batman 2 could introduce Oracle to the team and Batman 3 introduces Jason Todd as the new Robin, only for him to get killed by the Joker in the fourth movie (I'd like to see the Joker introduced and arrested in 3, but then escape to be a primary antagonist in the fourth as well).

That's my dream, anyway.

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