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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Saitou Hajime View Post
Like I said sometime ago, the 1990s costume would be great:

I could dig that! But OMG that tiny waist… Oh, comic book art! Never change!

The problem with Quicksilver is that he's always been a major league a**hole and that hasn't changed since Stan Lee created him back in 1964. Five decades of douchebaggery has left him unlikable and unliked by the majority of comic book fans. Maybe Whedon will give him a personality remake than renders him a bit more tolerable in AOU.

On the subject of Wanda's costume, I think that something like the one she's wearing in the OP would be good. One of main the problem with the "sexy swimsuit" costumes that so many heroines have been saddled with is that they simply are not practical for the actresses to move in. When I try to imagine running, jumping, kicking, fighting in one of those costumes it brings up all manner of unpleasant problems. It would be damned uncomfortable, not to mention the potential for catastrophic wardrobe malfunctions. One wrong move and the director is going to have to yell "Cut!" while the actress/stuntwoman scurries off to get her costume back into PG-13 territory.

On top of all that, those things are terribly anachronistic. The typical swimsuit costume looks like a 60's relic because most of them are. Throw in high-heeled fetish boots, long gloves and capes and you have a truly comical look. Fans might appreciate the fealty to the original designs but the general audience would probably not be impressed.

I do find it weirdly ironic that the Black Widow, whose outfit is utilitarian and covers most of her skin, is routinely attacked for being over-sexualixed. Her costume is similar to the catsuit that Captain America wore in TA. The objections seem to boil down to whether a male or a female body is encased in the form-fitting design.
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I'm sure Team Whedon's got a firm handle on SW's costume. Actually from the sounds of it:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Olsen's already appeared as the Scarlet Witch on set… so likely she'll show up in the end credits for CA:TWS, right?

Personally, I love a**hat Quicksilver. There's something about being an arrogant d-bag and a "hero" (see, Namor) that I'm totally into.

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