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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
Directors and actors can speak there minds on what they thought about a production after the film has come out. Look at Sam Raimi with Spider-Man 3, he said that the studio wanted to throw Venom in when he didn't want to and look how that film came out.

Even Shia Labeouf pretty much destroys and pans every film he's made a couple of months after it comes out, but promotes and praises the hell out of it when it is about to come out, but that is an actor's job to sell the film. But to be honest most actors do retell bad experiences with directors or productions a couple of months after a film comes out.

But back to Iron Man 2, there where other problems as well with Mickey Rourke saying he had a bad experience and they cut half of his scenes out.

Also the script was also rushed because IM2 wasn't really on Marvel's plan, it was meant to be IM1, TIH, Thor, Cap, Avengers. But because Iron Man 1 did SO well and they had a gap, they quickly wanted to get a sequel out before Thor.
Marvel has generally not been fond of any bad-talking about their films, and if it has been done, they almost never are brought back, yet Favreau has kept his ties as much as helping to produce The Avengers.

Just seems different.

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