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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

I´ve no idea how they´ll make the stones fit in the gauntlet. The gauntlet was shown in Thor 1, albeit it might not be more than an easteregg. Personally I think the stones will be or add up to an infinty gauntlet ultimately.
They do seem to have been crafted/manipulated for certain goals, hence having changed appearence accordingly to the artifact it´s involved with.

The spacegem might be just a gem if it´s not used or active, but in order to harness it´s powers one must accurately apply technology/an artifact capable of utilizing the force in a desired -> contolled way.
This technology application might make it appear differently since the gem is actually active as potentially seen in the scepter.

As for the orb, it could be the soulgem or the reality one. I´m not sure. If anyone has a picture of this lego set or anything else offical related to the orb, it would be cool if he or she posted it here.

As for Thanos presence, I´m not sure tbh. Not to throw poop on your theories or anything but Gamora and especially Drax has history with Thanos. He is also not going to be the main antagonist in the movie (which I´m sure you already are aware of). He´s still going to be a string-puller lurking in the background ever so secretly. In an interview with Feige he told us Thanos is the end game and will therefore not be a main charachter until phase 3, even if we´ll definitely see him in GotG as a charachter, talkin and all lol.

So in other words, just because he´s there, it doesn´t mean he is involved in an infinity gauntlet hunt. He could just be a part of Gamora´s or Drax´s past. It does however stand to reason that a gem is introduced in the movie somehow, but I´d say it´s cause of Adam Warlock or the Collector but it´s still possible there is one more at play, maybe Thanos is in the movies present day (lurking ofc) and already has the reality one?

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