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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Disagree with this last bit. It has to do with the way the body is presented and used. It's not a coincidence that Black Widow is the one who's butt is to the audience in the promo poster, it's not a coincidence that her fighting style is best known for straddling people in mid air. The character is sexualized in ways no male character ever is, and female characters often are. This has nothing to do with what she's wearing... except she is wearing a skintight suit, as is the other female support heroine, and only two of the male characters do so. So please, let's not pick out a detail and say 'see, it's all the same' when it is most abundantly not.

Now if Scarlet Witch is not extra sexualized beyond her male counterparts, that will be incredible... but I highly doubt that will happen.
I agree about the stupid "butt shot" posters. However, her fighting style is not about sexualizing her. It's about showing how a smaller-sized woman (Scarjo is much smaller than her co-stars) can take down opponents who are almost always much taller/heavier than her, by using movement and momentum and all of her body weight concentrated into one motion. Plus, her fighting style is no more sexualized than any MMA fighter.

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