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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

Given the different approaches they're taking with Rumlow and Sharon, it's really important to reiterate that CA:TWS and the rest of the MCU are different from the comics while still adhering to the general story that the comics have told, but in longer form.

I really love changing up the story, especially with Rumlow. I want to see his decent from a good guy who helps (and, from watching the first trailer, someone who's impressed with Cap's abilities as a super soldier) Cap and Widow together, who then goes really, really dark. I like the idea a lot, especially since the entire movie revolves around Steve not knowing who he can trust, who he can rely on…

Ditto with Sharon. She may have a small part in the movie, but at least from the facts we do know that she's
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protecting and guarding him; I have a feeling it's for Peggy.
I like it, in that it's a call back to her double agent nature.

It's different from the comics, but intriguing. And it doesn't sound like the story suffers from it at all, at least going by what people on here are saying, the ones who attended screenings already.

Less like "We're going to use her in several movies Marvel has in the pipeline" and more like "She's now part of the MCU. We'll see where it goes from here"
Or, maybe, just maybe they will use her more in Cap 3…

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