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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post

Those seem like hollow promises.

Less like "We're going to use her in several movies Marvel has in the pipeline" and more like "She's now part of the MCU. We'll see where it goes from here"

Union Jack was introduced in the last movie, but who's using him now?

The two situations aren't really the same.

Gwen and Peter are still very much involved. Gwen is very much part of Pter's life, and vice versa.

Steve and Peggy were never really involved, and Peggy has since moved on.

All that is left is for Steve to move on, and that's not so much a storyline as much as it is a plot point. It isn't going to be taking up the whole movie, neither is Peggy going to be heavily involved for Sharon to be 'interfering'.

I agree that it makes sense that Steve doesn't jump into a relationship with Sharon, if at least for the sake for propriety.

But at the same time, making Sharon's role only an 'introduction' is all around not a good move. It is also terribly reductive.

Couldn't we have had Sharon as Steve's purely platonic pal who fights on his side, and then have that friendship turn into something more in Cap3?
But now you're being terribly reductive to Peggy's role in the MCU. I get that you're upset about the marginalization of Sharon in the movies, but the movies are different from the comics. The comics introduced Sharon before Peggy maybe, but the movies did the opposite, necessitated by the need to tell Steve's origin story from the beginning.

The movies and comics weren't going to be 100% in sync. The movies need to tell the stories that make sense within the cinematic universe, and it makes sense for Steve to still be palpably feeling Peggy's loss. It may also make sense to ease the movie audience into Sharon's introduction as a potential love interest in the future for Steve, to establish her as her own character separate and apart from Peggy.

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