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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I think Robin, as a 10 year old or 13 year old boy just doesn't work in a live-action movie without it coming off like some comedic Kick-Ass kind of thing. Which only works because they fuse humor with crazy violence for Hit-Girl. You can't do that kind of violence in a batman movie, so all your left with it is goofy ****.
Why does Robin have to be comedic? Why couldn't we have a serious child hero? Hitgirl was certainly comedic, but that doesn't mean she needed to be. The entire Harry Potter franchise was children fighting bad guys, and never resorted to using graphic violence for comedy. Granted, they didn't fight physically, but still. And while Rue in the Hunger Games wasn't fighting much, she still proved that you could give children serious roles in dark shows.

Although it ultimately depends on the skill of the directors and actors, I think a 12/13-year-old Robin could be pulled off.

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