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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by Infinight888 View Post
Why does Robin have to be comedic? Why couldn't we have a serious child hero? Hitgirl was certainly comedic, but that doesn't mean she needed to be. The entire Harry Potter franchise was children fighting bad guys, and never resorted to using graphic violence for comedy. Granted, they didn't fight physically, but still. And while Rue in the Hunger Games wasn't fighting much, she still proved that you could give children serious roles in dark shows.

Although it ultimately depends on the skill of the directors and actors, I think a 12/13-year-old Robin could be pulled off.
Because it's ridiculous to begin with, having a 10 year old, 12 year old, heck even a 14 year old crime-fighter. No matter how serious you make him when he's kicking ass, it's still silly and will come off either goofy or just some brat trying to be all tough. You can give Grayson a serious role, especially his interactions with Bruce in private. But once he's Robin it all goes out the window. That's my opinion on it. It's much easier to translate into a cartoon.

It's best to stick with a young adult Nightwing.

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