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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
I agree.

But you also think Steve's emotional arc in regards to Peggy should be taking up most of the movie.

So in effect, you are saying Sharon should be in the movie as less as possible.
Dude. You are totally projecting your own story frustrations onto Suzanne. That is clearly NOT what she said, nor what she meant.

In the marvel MOVIE UNIVERSE, the Peggy-Cap relationship looms large. Most people see it if not THE best written, acted and chemistry-laden romantic connection, then certainly among the best.

It was warm, funny, sexy and poignant. It was cut short before it could amount to anything more because the characters felt that the immediate task at hand superseded all other activities, including more in-depth romantic entanglements. The way Cap and Peggy handled it was noble. They put aside their own personal needs in the service of something greater.

In the present day, that relationship, yes, that LOVE, represents everything Steve gave up to become a Supersoldier. It is essentially the price he paid for getting everything he wanted in the first film, in terms of improving his physical body.

Nothing comes without a price, and it's hard to argue that when he was in Erskine's chamber, that Steve truly understood that he was giving up his entire life, and everyone he knew, and eventually the people he loved and fought beside.

THAT'S the emotional truth that Cap has to confront in the present day. WHAT HE HAS LOST, including any possibility of being able to be with Peggy, and what the future holds, especially the horrifying possibility of never getting old himself, and of never being able to have a normal relationship and life trajectory.

Sharon Carter may be an important character to you, and to the comic canon, but in this film, her storyline will not be explored very much, because Cap has so much unfinished emotional business with his PAST.

Just let April 4 get here!

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