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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
Robin was created for commercial reasons
Which is different to Batman, how?

and then has been assimilated to Batman's mythos, but he's dispensable: how many stories have you seen with Robin helping Batman in his adventures?
Literally hundreds.

Generally writers don't like him
[citation needed]

he's a bother to them and to the own Batman.
Opinion masquerading as fact.

The one reason I see for his existence is being part of Bruce Wayne's psychosis (he represents the innocent kid Bruce was the night his parents were murdered, in opposition of Batman, the man who should've avoided the crime), and this is a dark reason that puts Batman still nearer the villain side...
Wow! Robin has thematic reasoning to his character, as a reflection to Bruce himself, which by extension makes him less pointless than most of the characters in the universe.

but anyway, Robin is a nuisance.
Opinion masquerading as fact.

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