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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Batman was still created as a dark/serious character and was quickly made into one with a tragic past. Robin was brought in just so Batman can have a lighter buddy to talk to, for kids to get into it more. He was a gimmick.
You missed the point, he said Robin was created for commercial reasons, as if Batman were any different.

Robin was created because Batman was failing to sell. Batman was created because Detective Comics, Inc. wanted another character as popular as Superman (who for around a year, was insanely popular). That's Batman's sole reason for existing, "Superman without powers" that's why his original costume was red and blue (but reversed colours to Superman, as well as reversed hair colour).

Of course he developed into something more over the years.
As have all the characters.

He does, but the idea of him suiting up (in that suit) at that age, is still ridiculous. The Robin bits have always been hokey while the private Dick Grayson-Bruce Wayne moments have the potential to be serious and different. Sometimes they are.
Both DC Comics and I agree with you, for what it's worth. A pre-teen, in live action, would look ridiculous.

I think it lightens up the mood too much for Batman, it distracts from the Gordon-Batman team/relationship that i love so much.
You're welcome to. However, you're also not spouting your opinion as fact and claiming that "most writers hate Robin".

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
As Shauner said Robin was introduced to attract kids and teenagers and make the world of Batman less dark, not for dramatic coherence. With the years some layers of depth have been added, but in the basis isn't essential to the Batman mythos.
Literally the only thing essential to Batman is he is a man dressed in a Bat-Motif.

And sure all them are awful
Not nearly as much as you, dear .

Yeah, Robin's a reflection of Bruce himself, but I simply can't see how to make it work in a contemporary reboot. Nor him, nor Batgirl, nor any of the members of the Bat-family.
Your imagination is clearly defective, bro. Trade it in for a new one.

Maybe the Robin's concept would work if he's a bit older (20 years, for example), doesn't suit a ridiculous costume and helps Batman from the distance. He can be the brother of Barbara Gordon, who would be just Oracle after being paralyzed by the Joker (Batgirl is an horrible character, even worst than Robin). This is the one possible way I see in a post-Nolan Batman movie.
If you ever actually decide to think "Hey! I'll read what I'm criticising!". I'll recommend to you Nightwing #0, as well as Batman & Robin Annual #2, buy them, pirate them, whatever. I won't spoil it from here, but you'll actually be pleasantly surprised.

As for Barbara as Batgirl, I always preferred her career to be very "flash in the pan" maybe a year, perhaps stretched to a couple if you subscribe to the 15 year Batman career. I always preferred her as Oracle too.

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