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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by BLobo View Post
Lex Luthor´s plan is one of the dumbest things i´ve heard in my entire life...

Originally Posted by eatup View Post
With the Kryptonian tech that Luthor stole, he could have raised an army of Super-Mechs or something along that line to take over Australia... But no, he just wants a piece of crummy land in the middle of nowhere without any fresh water bodies or infrastructure...
In STM, Lex’s plan was to strike it rich: the “worthless” desert land that he purchased would suddenly become prime real estate once the rest of California had sunk into the Pacific. But why wouldn’t the authorities simply arrest the newly prosperous Lex (a known and wanted criminal, after all)? Or why wouldn’t the authorities be able to connect a sabotaged nuke to the person who gained most from the ensuing devastation? Compared to this, the plan in SR was genius.

There’s dialogue in SR that tells us that the crystals can generate advanced tools and weapons. And presumably - once New Krypton had finished growing (annihilating most of North America and Europe in the process) - Lex would have begun making those items. I.e., NK would have been made more hospitable; and any pockets of resistance still left would be dispatched with the alien weaponry.

Now, fair to argue that Lex actually activating a crystal to create a high-tech laser gun or a lush garden on NK would have been more dramatically effective than just waiting around playing cards. But the details of his intended scheme were clear enough.

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