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Default Re: A second viewing

I have seen "Man of Steel" two times and I enjoyed it. It was the Superman movie I had always wanted mostly because it had little to no camp or little funny scenes or anything like that. It took itself seriously. My biggest issue was the English speaking Kryptonians. American's I believe are not capable of reading subtitles. I was thinking the Kryptonians were going to sound like the 5th Element or maybe even the aliens from "District 9" but no, they sounded like a bunch of Americans.

As far as the destruction that took place, more than that happens in "The Avengers" and people seemed to be fine with it. And as far as the ending, in "Superman II" a powerless Zod's hand is broken (when there was no need to) and then he is thrown thru a room for what seemed like 50 feet and allowed to fall to his death. So, I don't see what the issue is with "Man of Steel".

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