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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

Originally Posted by the5timechamp View Post
In the context and flow of the film its fine..
Outside of it its meh..the stiffness of the suit and small stature of Keaton is on full display..the way he takes the hit and the sound the punches generate really give the "batman is wearing hockey pads" vibe..

Again in the context of the film its great..the toss of batman into a roll, and back to standing sequence is ace.
I agree with the last part (except that I think every scene ever created should be measured within the context of its movie), and in fact it's why I don't believe the suit looked specially stiff. Batman could do plenty in this fight, such as what you describe. Also Keaton (if that was Keaton and not a stunt) only looked short because the thug was supposed to be much bigger, and thus a menace.

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