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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1) What's Your Earliest Memory of Batman?

Hmm. Either the 60's show or seeing a cover of Mask of the Phantasm at Blockbuster.

2) What's Your Favourite Batman comics story?

Long Halloween? Dark Knight Returns? Too hard to decide.

Recently, I've been digging Snyder's work.

3) Which Batman film is your favourite?

no, TDK
no, BB!

Depends on the day really.

4) Why is that film your favourite?

Each has their merits.

BB gives me great Batman vibes.
TDK is super intense
TDKR is epic, inspiring, and fun.

5) Who is Your Batman? (live action or animated)

Bale. He just looks so goddamn tortured. Plus, I love his yells...

6) Which of Batman's villains is your favourite?

Joker or Bane.

7) What's been the biggest disappointment as a Batman fan?

Hearing about a movie reviewer receiving death threats for giving a negative review to TDKR.

8) Are you happy about the casting of Ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman?

Yesssssss. Affleck is the man.

9) Which actor past or present would you have wanted to play Batman?

Hamm or Brolin for an older Bats.
Armie Hammer for a younger Bats. (I like this guy!)

All choices sound so much worse to me than Affleck though now.

10) What storyline and villains would you want in the next solo Batman film?

A Riddler/Clayface 'whodunit' story that lifts from stories like Hush, Long Halloween, Arkham City, etc, with Tim Drake's origin as well.

Then Tower of Babel in the second JL film.

Followed by an 'Under the Hood'/Killing Joke/Death in the Family amalgamation.

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