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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1) What's Your Earliest Memory of Batman?

Watching Superfriends on TV at my Moms workplace. I was around 5 or 6.
Then Burton Batman with 7 and at 8 I discovered Btas and I was hooked. I also started reading comics because of Btas. I started with the Batman Adventures comic based on the show.

2) What's Your Favourite Batman comics story?

Batman R.I.P.
For me it is the essential Batman story, because it features so much about him that I love. Its THE "Batgod" story and I love that version of Batman. I mean, he has a backup personality implemented in his mind, which takes over when his mind and psyche gets attacked. Thats so awesome! Also, he fights the Devil and Joker is ,more or less, on Batmans side. Such a great story.

Out of the classics I love Killing Joke the most.

3) Which Batman film is your favourite?

Dark Knight Rises

4) Why is that film your favourite?

I love that it takes the character in unexpected directions and that Nolan gave him a happy end, which he will never have in the comics. This movie was the most emotional time I ever had at the movies. I really had no clue what was going to happen and really thought Bats would die. I will never forget the first time I watched it. That it kept a Batman fan like me (I own 90% of all Batman comics ever published, either in print or digital) guessing for a lot of its runtime was amazing.

5) Who is Your Batman? (live action or animated)

Bale. I grew up with Conroy and Keaton, but both aren't really Batman for me. I really like Keaton, but he is Burtons Batman, not mine. Also, I think Conroy is hugely overrated.
Bale is my Batman. He was perfect.

6) Which of Batman's villains is your favourite?

Joker. Easy. Love almost all of them, though. Prof. Pyg is underused and a great villain.

7) What's been the biggest disappointment as a Batman fan?

The Sideshow Batman Premium Format Figure. I waited 3 years for it and now its ugly as hell and I won't buy it.
Besides that, I am a happy Batfan. There is always great Batman stuff to be found.

8) Are you happy about the casting of Ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman?

At first I freaked out, but now I like it. I think he will do well.

9) Which actor past or present would you have wanted to play Batman?

Hmm. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, maybe? Josh Brolin? I dunno. Happy with what we got.

10) What storyline and villains would you want in the next solo Batman film?

Adapting whole stories are boring to me, because I know what will happen. I liked how Nolan did it. A few elements from great stories inside a new one.

Oh and I want to see Joker again, creepier than ever. Also I would like to see some of Morrisons villains in live action. Dr.Hurt or Pyg. That would be so dark and psycho.

I believe in Ben Afflecks Batman!
Favorite comic characters/franchises: Batman, Superman, John Constantine (from Hellblazer), Daredevil, Justice League, Thor, Green Lantern
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