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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1. My earliest Batman memories are renting Batman & Robin VHS from Blockbuster every week.

2. Oh, this is such a difficult question. Without doubt it's going to be a Grant Morrison story. If I'm allowed his entire run, I want that, it's a magnum opus on everything Batman has ever been and touches upon everything that has been important in his 75 year history, it defines Batman as an extraordinary man who fights death in much the same way that Superman fights the impossible.

But if I have to have one section, it would be the Batman Reborn section. It's everything from the run in a microchosm.

3. Either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight.

4. Batman Begins because it was the final step in reinvigorating the superhero genre.

It strode the line of gritty groundedness and fantastical objects well, as well as providing us with a relatable Bruce Wayne, which Keaton only really grased upon, and Schumacher gave it a subplot. For Nolan it was first and foremost- This is Bruce Wayne, this is what he is feeling, this is why.

The Dark Knight because it was the "Eureka!" moment for superhero films. Heath, Jonah and Chris delivered a fantastic incarmation of Joker, he was charismatic, vile and disgusting all at the same time, he chewed the scenery in a magnificent way and is a testment to all of them in thier talents. The film itself is tense throughout and has a strong, sympathetic, depfessing storyline in the fall of Harvey Dent, counterpointed by the hopeful cynicism hatched by the victory conspiracy of Gordon and Batman. All around great films, and I've come to love The Dark Knight Rises to, that series definitely is a treat to Batman, comic book and cinema fans.

5. I almost wish I could say it was anyone other than Bale, but I'd be lying.

6. Has anyone said anything other than Joker?

7. We've only in passing seen Batman as an Arthurian type. The man has the biggest family in comic books. Use it!

8. Yes. When it was first rumoured for Justice League I was wary, because I wanted a young Batman to go with our young Superman. But they wanted older and Ben, along with his screenwriting resources will only improve the film.

9. I'm really not sure. If they were going to go young for BVS, I'd have liked to have seen what Luke Evans could have done as Batman.

10. Jason Todd, Dr Hurt (failing that, Hugo Strange).

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