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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1) What's Your Earliest Memory of Batman?

Waiting in line to see Batman 89.

2) What's Your Favourite Batman comics story?

Year One.

3) Which Batman film is your favourite?

Tied between BB & TDK

4) Why is that film your favourite?

Just a new take on Batman. It's realism, and dark tone.

5) Who is Your Batman? (live action or animated)

Kevin Conroy. That voice. When I read Batman comics, I hear Conroy's voice in my head.

6) Which of Batman's villains is your favourite?

Bane. I always like a villain who can (and has) actually beaten Batman.

7) What's been the biggest disappointment as a Batman fan?

The campy stuff, whether i's the Adam West series or the Schumacher films. Batman to me is supposed to be dark and serious. I can't take the campy stuff.

8) Are you happy about the casting of Ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman?

Yes. I do wish they went younger, but Affleck is good.

9) Which actor past or present would you have wanted to play Batman?

When they were saying "established Batman", I was thinking that Michael C. Hall could be good. He could play the double role well, and had the physicality. Plus he was a bit older (early 40s) like Affleck.

10) What storyline and villains would you want in the next solo Batman film?

I think doing a story based of the Arkham Games would be incredible. Starting with Arkham Asylum.

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