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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
No, that's a White Walker.

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There's nothing that could be interpreted as Coldhands. Coldhands looked like wight (i.e. a human with white skin, blue eyes, and black hands), not a White Walker. He wears Night's Watch cloaks, has his face covered, and first appeared riding a stag. Even if they replace it with a horse (which wouldn't make sense since stags would be find in the wild north of the Wall), it's a White Walker.

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One theory of Coldhands' identity is that he's Benjen, who was turned into a wight by White Walkers but saved by the Children of the Forest. His warging abilities are due to his Stark blood. He goes to great lengths to keep his face covered, which people interpret because he doesn't want Bran to recognize him.
Yeah I've heard that theory before, I just wasn't sure how that picture "gave it away" so to speak. Nothing in it really indicated any one person to me. Besides the fact that it definitely looks like a white walker.

And I thought it had to be Benjen as well, until the Children of the Forest said he had died "long ago." Given how long they live, he must be very old indeed if it was long ago for them. Of course, that's assuming they were talking about age in their terms, and not Bran's.


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