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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1) What's Your Earliest Memory of Batman?

I think the earliest memory i have is either hearing the theme song to the 60s series or watching the Tim Burton movie. Not sure which one came first.

2) What's Your Favourite Batman comics story?

Dark Knight Returns might be the one but that could change in time. It was just such a bold statement.

3) Which Batman film is your favourite?

The trilogy (as i see it as one 7 hour film) but ill go with Dark Knight Rises.

4) Why is that film your favourite?

The emotion within Bruce's final journey. The epic scope which really comes down to my love of filmmaking. The Inception-esque cast, as i love that movie and thought it was a fantastic decision to bring Hardy, Cotillard and JGL into the batman franchise. The fact that it's a true ending and it wraps up everything in a perfect bow.

5) Who is Your Batman? (live action or animated)

Animated: Conroy
Live-action thus far: Bale

6) Which of Batman's villains is your favourite?

It will always be the Joker.

7) What's been the biggest disappointment as a Batman fan?

The campy side has its charm i guess but it's irritating to see it in the mainstream. Especially when non-fans (especially older generations) think it's some silly Adam West type of thing. Whether they insult it or think of the West stuff as the Batman. It annoys me because Batman is a dark and three-dimensional character with a lot of psychology brought to the table. He's a deep character so for people to shrug it off as a joke? Ugh.

As a fan, i hate the purist attitude and nitpicky nature of its fanbase as well.

Batman & Robin was the biggest disappointment for me growing up.

8) Are you happy about the casting of Ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman?

Yes. I was shocked and grossed out at first then i thought about it. Im excited now and i think he'll deliver well for this version.

9) Which actor past or present would you have wanted to play Batman?

In the 80s, it would be Alec Baldwin with James Cameron directing. Clint Eastwood in the late 90s/early 2000s as 70ish Bruce Wayne. Josh Brolin in a one-off Dark Knight Returns adaptation. Ryan Gosling as a mid 30s Batman in a more artsy, R-Rated Batman movie...think a one-off with Nicolas Refn directing.

10) What storyline and villains would you want in the next solo Batman film?

Storyline? Arkham Asylum could be cool.

Villains? I do & I don't want to see Riddler. It's a love/hate relationship! So im gonna go with Penguin. I wouldn't mind seeing a proper Mr. Freeze or the original Basil Karlo version of Clayface as a side character, but Penguin is the one. A more refined, detailed, new version of Penguin: Pain and Prejudice would be the main influence.

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