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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Hathaway just doesn't compare in my eyes. Many of you are probably think, ''Noooo, really?! How shocking!'', but I expressed my love for Hathaway in the past and thought she did a pretty good job with Nolan's Catwoman.

She may be more ''comic-accurate'' but I don't think most of the general public care about that sort of thing. My friends certainly don't read comics, couldn't tell you a darn thing about Catwoman (apart from what they've seen in various adaptations)... and they STILL say Michelle's version is their favourite. They LIKED Anne but for alot of them, it just wasn't memorable enough.

Michelle just had the better/meatier/flashier material and brought something extra to the screen.

I would rank my Catwomen as follows:

1.) Michelle Pfeiffer
2.) Julie Newmar
3.) Anne Hathaway
4.) Honorable mention for Adrienne Barbeau
5.) And the rest

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