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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
For one thing, what Sony does with Spider-man is not under Marvel Studios' control, and so has nothing to do with this issue.

For another, actually, yes, that *is* a big potential problem with selling Spider-man. There are three ways it is handled, to varying extents, when it comes to selling it to the audience:

See responds 1
1. Tie it together with Science! In the Raimi version, the webshooting is just another part of his powerset, so its only one extraordinary thing to sell. In the reboot, they specifically give Parker a weird science plotline, with him being a bit of a genius and interacting with said weird science in various ways. Either way, there is arguably a single source, not two totally unrelated powers.

2. Spider-man is iconic, second only to Superman and Batman. The general audience doesn't need as much selling, because they already know the concept.

3. Distraction. If people don't ask themselves these questions until after the movie, because they are focusing on the acting and drama and such? Its less of an issue.

response 2
This isn't really a usable model for Falcon. He's not iconic, he's not the focus of the movie so you can only distract from fridge issues insofar as you distract from him period, and even if you wanted to tie all his powers together with a common super science origin, you'd have a hell of a time doing it. Note that the version of Falcon who actually is a scientist is the version who also doesn't have bird telepathy; combining the two would require either answering the question "Why did the scientist give himself bird telepathy as a power?" or "What kind of science accident would let one talk to birds?"
response 1

Using that logic Captain America shouldn't have been given his Shield in Captain America: The First Avengers because it was made out of an alien metal that was imported from African and it doesn't fit with the German Scientist developed Super Steroid Serum origin of his enhanced abilities.

response 2

Dude do you even know the things that Scientist with Government/Military contracts have been up to.

Brain control Rat

Mind Control Machine: Human wags rat's tail using mind control interface

As far as the Falcon explain the power is simple. You either make him a meta human aka (mutant) that was born with those powers from the get go or you make him the voluntary subject of a government experiment "similar to Steve situation" where they gave him those abilities. Like I said before the ability to use animals as biological surveillance drones would be a very valuable ability from he military's stand point.

As for a the Bird wing Designed Jetpack wingsuit goes its just run of the mill special forces stuff. Right now Special forces are using wings suits to get even deep into hostile territory. On top of that Special forces are currently Developing Jetpack wings based off of Yves Rossy's designs to allow special forces to get even deeper into hostile territory.

Jetman Yves Rossy flies with the Breitling Jet Team over the Grand Canyon

Wingsuit jump with Army Special Ops Black Daggers

So the basic story would be that Falcon is a Meta human that joined the military or a Normal Human that was given and worked his way up into special forces and his Jetpack wingsuit design is the latest tech.

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