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Default Re: Ten Batman Questions

1) What's Your Earliest Memory of Batman?
The Adam West show. Then Batman 89.

2) What's Your Favourite Batman comics story?
Arkham Asylum.

3) Which Batman film is your favourite?
tie between the TDK trilogy and Burton's movies. Also Batman the movie.

4) Why is that film your favourite?

I can't chose one movie obviously. I prefer to chose several, because it illustrates how malleable the character is, while there are some stuffs you have to keep, such as his origins, his identity, his altruism. There is always a Batman you can love.

5) Who is Your Batman? (live action or animated)

So far, that would be Christian Bale. With Kilmer being a close one, thanks to some amazing but sadly mostly deleted scenes in Forever. He could have been an amazing Batman.

6) Which of Batman's villains is your favourite?
That would be two-face. I love this tragic character whose worst enemy is himself. Sadly, a lot of writer doesn't use enough of Harvey when two-face is here.

7) What's been the biggest disappointment as a Batman fan?

that there aren't more showcase presents Batman or Batman chronicles released anymore.

8) Are you happy about the casting of Ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman?

I'm really happy about it since day one. I think it's a great idea, as proved by Terrio helping rewrite the script.

9) Which actor past or present would you have wanted to play Batman?
I have honestly no idea. I'm not really interested in fan casting.

10) What storyline and villains would you want in the next solo Batman film?

I would want something really psychological, like Arkham Asylum, or the two parts legends of the dark knight story "masks".

~Zryson~ Like most people I have a lot of doubts about the movie. its thought (by many) that Warner Bros is just rushing ahead to try and catch up to other studios.
~Gu3ree~ Superman doesn't manage to save 10,000 people. He doesn't come out as a big hero in the movie. he's just pissed at General Zod. He isn't necessarily concerned about the people.

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