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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 30

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
I know these things are planned way in advance but is it possible that by letting the GOTG trailer show, Fox could then go back and make the new x-trailer cover all the things it needs to in order to outperform the rest?
Well since you brought up GOTG, I don't think Fox will release something tomorrow in a few days just because another CBM film released their 1st trailer.

Its possible that they would do another "big announcement" right after GOTG's first trailer is released. I still remember when the trailer for Cap 2 came out, Fox released the teaser for the teaser trailer the next day, then when the trailer for TASM2 came out, they announced the release date/the title for the 8th X-Men film.

But I don't see it happening again with the trailer for GOTG coming out because I don't really see Fox considering GOTG as a big competition since DOFP will come out 1st in theaters and GOTG opens two months later after DOFP. I don't see both films hurting each other at the box-office.

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