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Default Too much action?

I remember that this was one of the biggest complaints from critics. When i watched the movie in the theaters, the amount of action didnīt really bother me.

Last night i rewatched the movie with my girlfriend, who was watching it for the first time. She loved it, but also said something like: "That last fight with Zod was a little to much. It was getting boring". This is interesting because she never complains about anything in movies. Lol.

Like the first time, i enjoyed the movie, but this time i gotta confess that i also thought the last battle was a little boring, especially when the city was being destroyed. The fight with Zod was also too long.

Anyone else thinks that this movie would be much better with a little less action? The movie is way longer than what it needed to be and the action is just too loud and badly paced.

Personally, iīd cut that last battle in half. The Krypton scenes could also have been a little less long. maybe 10 minutes instead of 20 or so.

I donīt think this movie needs more than 120 minutes.

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