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Default Re: Too much action?

The action was fine. There were a lot of breaks in between.

It was one of the most unique action sequences I've seen in an action film.

The angles were spectacular. You can understand that these guys were very powerful.

I think those that find the action sequences dull or repetitive really couldnt follow the speed of the action.

I've watch lots of Dragon Ball Z, Bruce Lee, IP Man (Bruce Lee's Master) And there come some repetition when fighting. Its punching and kicking.

But MOS action was the best Ive ever seen.

Smallville ranks top. The speed of Faora and her martial arts background. The brute force of Namek. Superman trying to escape only to be intercepted like a football by Namek.

When I saw the 3rd Matrix I couldnt wait to see a Superman movie do that. MOS blew it away.

As far as Zod goes. It was really good. Not as good as Smallville. But it was great. Flying through the air and throwing punches automatically makes it great.

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