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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 30

Originally Posted by kasjan View Post
Only 3 months till premiere, and we have ComicCon trailer without CGI + pics. Still can't feel hype for this movie, this is poor marketing. When FOX gonna start bombard with official TV spots?
First off the teaser was first clear look for most who weren't at comic con.Even the leaked version didn't have all of what was shown.

We haven't gotten a full trailer yet.Odds are good this Is because they want to have effects done for it,and this will likely be only remaining trailer.many films have teaser and then full trailer.

We have gotten stills for film,empire covers,and now character promos.It's not true they haven't shown anything.The sentinles reveal on cover likely means we will see sentinles In Trailer.There Is no reason to hide them if they were revealed on covers.

We are likely looking at late april till TV spots.Film doesn't open till memorial day.

When cast goes on promational tour and screening of film happens Is likely to be when TV ads start.You should see plenty of them especilly If you watch any shows on Fox or FX.

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