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Default Re: CA:TWS "Guess the Plot" Thread (Spoilers?)

1.I think we´ll see TWS and some connection to TFA before we see much of the other stuff. It could start with explanations of what happened to Bucky that day, maybe this first part ends with us seeing TWS in that lab to acknowledge what became of him just after he "died" that day.

This would be it.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

2. We get to see what has happend to the other WW2 solider, Cap. It starts with us seeing him working for SHIELD doing that night mission. That mission starts out as one where you can be a little humoristic because of the lack of seriousness. But it ends with more questions than answers as well as turns out to be more serious than anticipated. Basically I think it will lead to information that makes Cap and maybe Fury suspect infiltration.

3. In light of what has happend, Cap starts questioning Fury and Shields methods and at first Fury is like, well this is how things are done these days. We neutralize before it happens. Cap has a good ol´ hunch though in addition to the fact that he doesn´t like how things are being done at Shield. This is the part where Cap starts digging in his missions and the more he searches and finds, the more he gives to Fury. Fury eventually tells him to keep both eyes opened.

4. Fury is about to make a move, and he´s also the last thing standing in the way of the operation of controlling Shield, or bringing it down.

So as Fury is about to do something gamechanging because of what he and Cap or Widow has found during either that night mission or the one where they kiss undercover, or something else, they send TWS to bring Fury down. What he has to give to the president/council would destroy Hydra´s plans, thus forcing them to send their WS in broad daylight to stop the transport of him to the council/president. Ofc Cap and Widow are there to guard Fury. This picture is when poop hits the fan for the first time. There are explosions, chaos and Cap barely manages to keep Fury alive. However, the information/evidence was stolen or the attempt on Fury´s life (which then would have been the objective), failed. This is btw happening in the same fight as TWS punches Cap´s shield.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

5. Widow explains to him that there are myths as for who this elit solider might be. Maybe there is a scene where TWS sort of looks at Steve and like stares at him for a while, which also makes Steve wonder. Anyways she says that he´ll never find him/the ghost. Despite that (we all know Cap is stubborn enough to try and find him), at a later occasion, they do in fact manage to encounter him and this time he´s also undercover but Cap runs after him. I´m guessing he and Widow have a lead they follow up thx to Fury who is fine but looks like he just taken a beating. Eventually they find the ones who tried to kill Fury. This is very fuzzy, yes but I can´t know what I haven´t seen so.

Check out his different undercovcer clothes in this one anyhow, also notice it´s dark outside, it´s gotta be at a different occasion that the broad daylight event:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

6. So I´ve been giving this some thought. Why would Fury be operated on if he looks well here?
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I guess TWS isn´t done with him just after the crash but Cap comes to his aid. So he gets operated on and survived. Could Fury die later during this movie? This would make it possible for Hill to take over until it´s revelead in AoU that it was only a LMD that needed to die so that he could work in peace, I mean they tried to kill him in broad daylight, pretty sure you´d want to fake your death and work in the shadows. Come on!

So what´s a LMD?

7. All this is why Cap takes over Shield. Fury is damaged and has to prepare his "death" in secret, so he can´t lead. People therefore start listening to him instead of Fury. This is when the elevator scenes takes place. The bad guys now turn their attention to Cap. There is no Nick Fury to double dare them this time, so why not "do it" in the elevator.

8. I´m only specualting but now might be the time when Shield goes to war against Cap, Falcon, Widow etc? Before this war he holds his little speach that we see him do as he leans over that table. This might also be when he says "everything goes". He is going to war and what he does, is that he recruit people he trusts and use his more original suit to show he is his own man fightning for what´s right, not a Shield solider. More like a captain leading a team towards what´s right, or against what´s wrong. Something tells me this film is a lot about Cap questioning the new world with his old ways of seeing things. In a way that´s what he brings to the world, more honesty, more justice and so on.

I have no idea who or what is fighting the infiltration; who the opponent will be for the last battle. Is it the "legit" part of the Shield organization vs the Hydra/Aim part of it?
I have a question for you though. Where does Pierce come in? Could this be pierce at the front? And if so, wouldn´t this be "proof" of his involvement with TWS? (Look at the walls)
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Let me know what you think!
Damn you OP, this took me half an hour to write hehe
In response to cheerokesam. This is also the ending I see happening: "I suspect that HYDRA will "out" themselves at the movie's end, and we'll essentially see HYDRA holding the world hostage. The movie ends with Cap realizing that the only way to win is with the Avengers as their own unit; and so he rallies the Avengers one more time, even enlisting the aid of some emerging superheroes, and prepares for war"

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