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Default Re: CA:TWS "Guess the Plot" Thread (Spoilers?)

I think one of the earliest scenes will be Steve and Peggy reuniting, possibly set soon after the avengers and a couple of years before the main events of this movie. They catch up a bit, and Peggy tells him he has to move on.

After that, we get Steve meeting Sam while jogging, before Natasha picks Steve up for work. We next meet Steve's shield team, including Rumlow, on the mission on Batrocs boat, which concludes when Steve fights Batroc.

Beyond that, I have little idea.

I think the movie will end on a bittersweet note.

Bucky is Bucky again, Steve finds a new friend in Sam, and HYDRAs plans are detailed, but SHIELD is deemed too corrupt and is decommissioned. Fury has no choice but to go on the run, and some remnant of HYDRA move forward with new plans.

I really hope Cap doesn't loose. It'd be a bad thing to do just for the sake of the Avengers.

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