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Default Re: Favourite Ra's al Ghul in the media

Originally Posted by ganon51 View Post
Oh yeah, what about Batman? aren't you forgetting the DCAU version of him?
Nope. I think they were close to a push.

As for Catwoman, the Nolan version is much better. For most of the run of BTAS, pretty much every single appearance by her involves her getting into trouble and having to be rescued by Batman (gets some deadly virus, turned into a cat, captured by Harley Quinn, etc). She was useless until the very end of the original run of BTAS, at which point they finally gave her her claws back but she doesn't do much after that. The Nolan version was better. The Burton version was better. The Arkham version was better. Even the Julie Newmar version might have been better. Which is a real shame because I really liked the performance by Adrienne Barbeau.

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