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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

So cute. No wonder he is crying.

anyway I really like this idea.

4. After Superman defeats Zod, have Lois convince Superman he did the right thing by picking Superman off his feet to look at the family he saved (preferably a shot of the father/son). Have her then lead Superman outside where they see hundreds of people staring in awe & confusion. Superman then begins to help people out of the rubble etc, most of whom start with confused expressions of their faces which turn to more trusting faces. Eventually muffle the sound and start to play news footage from around the world talking about how "they think it's over", "one of these aliens seems to be protecting us" "Is this Kal-El?", etc, showing people hugging each other in relief (TDKRises style), all that jazz. A slow piano theme would be playing over all of this with some light drums building before it fades out.

I think it would pacify many disgruntled fans.
o cute. No wonder he is crying.

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