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Default Re: Too much action?

But when you watch the Supes vs Zod fight, it's barely more than 5 minutes.
But when you think about it, given the fact we had already seen so much destruction, making it 2.5 minutes would probably have been more than enough. It feels long and repetitive. Maybe if the movie had a little less action it would have received better reviews, i think, because there´s really great stuff in there, but the action gets in the middle of the great stuff

You lose a little bit the impact when you show too much of something. It´s like horror. This is one of the big differences between Nolan and Snyder. Nolan has a better sense of timing and action scenes are never too exhausting. You have a cool action scene, not very long, then you have story. Then you have another action scene, and none of them are based on things blowing up for 20 minutes.

The Smallville fight was great. but the rest was very similar to any catastrophic movie: Things simply blowing up. A lot of noise, a lot of explosions. That´s something that i have already watched many times, so it doesn´t impress any more.

Superman vs Zod showed us what we had already seen in the Smallville battle. Nothing particularly new, that´s why i say it should have been a little shorter.

I guess this is the trend with SH movies nowadays. We gotta have over 30 minutes of catastrophic action and everything blowing up in the last act. It gets kind of predictable and repetitve. I wish some director had the guts to try something new. Nolan did, but i don´t see anyone else doing it, which is a shame. I studios are to blame for thinking we need to watch the same stuff over and over and over again.

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