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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Nicholas Hoult on Beast

Caring for Xavier is Hoult's Hank a.k.a. Beast. While on set, the actor isn't under his signature blue-hued fur, the result of serum that keeps the Hyde stowed away inside his Dr. Jekyll. "When he transforms into Beast in public… he's ashamed of it," Hoult said. "He doesn't want people staring and pointing fingers. He's not comfortable." But as we've seen from set pictures of Beast duking it out with Magneto, Hoult spent significant portions of the shoot in the makeup chair. And he's okay with the three and a half hour process of applying Beast makeup. It allows him to let loose. "You can perform big. You can roar at people! If I roar at someone like this, it's funny. If I roar at someone in that, it's scary."

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