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Jesus Christ...........

........................I don't even know where to begin with these this really the best they could do?...

I just don't get this franchise.......I'm really at a loss for words's almost as if the people involved with this franchise are oblivious to the rest of the world and just thing their designs and creative ideas are the greatest ever............I would love to see some concept sketches for the Sentinels --just to see what else was on the table.

I don't know.......every time I want to get excited about this franchise again.....stuff like this happens. I keep trying to turn the other cheek with this franchise, but I just don't know......Are the people behind the X-films aware of the new wave comic book they honestly believe these designs compare favorably to what the other franchises are offering?

Are these people in their own private world? The creative decisions just boggle the mind with this franchise -- are they even trying--it almost feels as if they are being intentionally obtuse just to be contrarian or something.

How could anyone sit in a creative meeting a tell someone else with a straight face, "those Sentinel Designs are awesome?" Are there a bunch of yes men in those meetings?...Are the Sentinels supposed to look laughable and silly intentionally?

It's not rocket science? it? The Sentinels are for all intent and purposes giant mechs. The practically design themselves..............?

It feels like the people making the X-films are making them for themselves and not the fans. It's as if they are conceding some things but everything else is just a "we want to do it our way" or not at all vibe.

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