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Default Re: CA:TWS "Guess the Plot" Thread (Spoilers?)

The film begins with cap and rumlow taking down batroc. Cap goes to shield base where fury and pierce are having an argument. Fury leaves and cap meets pierce, who says cap inspired him. cap asks what him and fury were arguing about and pierce tells him to leave. as he goes home on his motorcycle he spots furys car getting shot by winter soldier and he fights to protect fury. winter soldier gets away and fury dies. cap wants revenge so he asks pierce for permisson to hunt winter soldier down, but pierce says no. cap assembles widow and falcon to help an illegal search, and as cap is leaving to start the search he is attacked by rumlow in the elevator. he gives rumlow a severe beating and outruns shield security. him and widow go to washington dc to pick up falcon but they are arrested by shield. they are taken to shield base where cap is taken underground, put in winter soldiers chair, and is tortured severely by rumlow and pierce. pierce reveals himself as the person who hired winter soldier, who was programmed by dr. zola. in order to break caps spirit, pierce has rumlow kidnap peggy and take her to the chamber, where she is shot and killed right in front of caps eyes. cap screams and is rescued by fury, who faked his death. cap and fury go to furys hideout where cap decides to rescue widow and falcon. he steals his old suit from the smithsonian and him and fury, with the help of sharon carter, steal one of the many mini helicarriers. war starts and cap saves falcon and widow, tells them to suit up, and breaks into pierces safehouse. rumlow attacks cap but cap defeats him, and in order to break caps spirits even more... pierce has winter soldier take off his mask and reveal himself as bucky. cap has no choice but to fight bucky to defend himself. cap knocks bucky out with the help of widow and burns pierces face. pierce is revealed to be red skull so cap mercilessly kills him to stop hydra from taking over shield... but little does he know hydra has already taken over shield. cap asks fury what him and skull were arguing about earlier... and fury says something called ultron.

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