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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by sportjames23 View Post
Hear, hear!

Thanks dude !

Now back to those people who feel like MOS was too action-heavy,
go watch Superman Returns, which doesn't have any problems
with too much action, in fact other than Superman getting his ass
kicked, there isn't any action.

It's basically the Jane Austen version of Superman, (and I hate Jane Austen's books), if Jane Austen wrote it while deeply depressed and suffering from a gun-shot wound to the head - in fact, Jane Austen would have written a better Superman story under those conditions.

Yes, Superman lifts stuff (like planes and small continents) but somehow even that doesn't come off as particularly exciting IMO - and yes, Superman the Movie is mostly lifting and saving, but it was Superman on the big screen for the first time, and it featured the amazing performance of Christopher Reeve, so it still worked. And besides, there was plenty of fisticuffs in Superman II.

Anyway, while people say MOS is action heavy, it balanced all that out with plenty of character, story and good performances. Superman Returns
managed to not have any of that stuff (as well as an action deficit).

In the comics Superman does a lot of saving and lifting, but he also does
a lot of fighting, in fact these days arguably more fighting than anything else. MOS reflects that, which is why it works IMO.

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