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Default Re: Too much action?

Now back to those people who feel like MOS was too action-heavy,
go watch Superman Returns, which doesn't have any problems
I would have prefered something in the middle. Superman Returns lacked a good fighting scene. But MOS lacked the ability to stop when it should have.

You see, there is a HUGE number of people that thinks a movie gets boring when it has too many explosions, buildings falling down and fight scenes that seem to never end. And this kind of gives you an answer to why this movie didn´t have great ratings. The story was decent enough, the acting was great, the score was amazing, some action scenes were very well done, but there was something in the movie that felt a little bit too much, hence the not so good reviews.

This is probably not the right place to discuss this subject, since it´s full of people who don´t mind movies loaded with action. But the GA kind of gets a little bit annoyed by it.

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