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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by BLobo View Post
I would have prefered something in the middle. Superman Returns lacked a good fighting scene. But MOS lacked the ability to stop when it should have.
No, in SHH we don't know about middle ground. Jokes aside, it wasn't as much as stopping the action but give it different tones, so we can get more and more excited, worried, whatever. But it's really hard to keep that growing for 60 minutes.

As for the rest of your post, I agree.


Originally Posted by Fizicks View Post
Senator Pleasury was pretty much spot on. The Smallville fight and Metropolis fight were too similar, especially the fact that there wasn't much dramatic progression. Moreover, the Smallville fight might've even been better choreographed, making the final fight seem slightly lackluster in comparison.

The final fight wasn't too long by any means- it was only 5 minutes and 20 seconds (as someone earlier also pointed out). I felt if they upped the ante in the Metropolis fight, it would've "felt" less drawn out as some felt it was, despite it only being a little over 5 minutes.


Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Theres no flying in the smallville battle, but there is in the Zod battle
Yes, there is :Superman takes Gral. Zod away from his mother flying, Superman flies to avoid the helicopter's shots, the tall Kryptonian attacks a plane flying, Faora does too but Superman flies to stop her, Faora goes to the bank flying and Superman takes her out flying as well, and the subsequent battle has some flying too, then Superman flies to save a soldier that's falling, Faora flies to fight the soldiers and Superman and the tall Kryptonian also fly while fighting, Superman saves Col. Hardy flying.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
These battles are also the first time we got a true Superman live action fight. If that means nothing to you then I can only shake my head
Thanks gods for the first true Superman live action fight. You overdid it a little bit and by the end it was more loud than dramatic but thanks.


Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
Anyone who says the fighting was repetitive clearly has no eye for the nuisances for fighting. And is not a fan of anything sports.

It's all generally repetitive.

The fights in Batman, Avengers, Ironman etc is all repetitive within each film.
The fight between Thor and Iron Man or the Helicarrier boarding attack had a different tone and scope than the final New York battle. Iron Man against the jets was completely different from Iron man against Iron Monger. And Nolan was just too good breathing drama into the scenes to even think about how different the fights are/are not.

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