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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by BLobo View Post
I would have prefered something in the middle. Superman Returns lacked a good fighting scene. But MOS lacked the ability to stop when it should have.

You see, there is a HUGE number of people that thinks a movie gets boring when it has too many explosions, buildings falling down and fight scenes that seem to never end. And this kind of gives you an answer to why this movie didn´t have great ratings. The story was decent enough, the acting was great, the score was amazing, some action scenes were very well done, but there was something in the movie that felt a little bit too much, hence the not so good reviews.

This is probably not the right place to discuss this subject, since it´s full of people who don´t mind movies loaded with action. But the GA kind of gets a little bit annoyed by it.

That's a pretty fair comment, and that you acknowledge that MOS does have a bunch of qualities makes me take what you say seriously - as you have a balanced view of the film's strengths and weaknesses.

I suppose maybe if MOS had toned down the action a bit, it might have done better, in terms of critical reception. I'm glad it didn't, because I enjoyed it, but if Superman's next film appearance is less apocalyptic I can understand why, as it would be nice to see Superman get similar critical acclaim to some other, better-received, Superhero films.

Of course critical reception isn't everything. If you go strictly by RT ratings, then Toy Story is a better movie than Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and as good as the Godfather. I mean come on, really ?

As for MOS and it's action, it certainly lifts the bar in terms of sheer destruction, it's certainly one up from Avengers or Transformers (in terms of collapsing buildings and things blowing up). I suppose, being a fan, I expect that sort of stuff in a Superman film (because otherwise it isn't really a job for Superman). Personally, I'm not a fan of destruction for destruction's sake, but this is meant to be a somewhat realistic depiction of :

a) terraforming, in the middle of a major city. Interestingly few complain about scenes of nuclear destruction in films, e.g. Terminator 2 Judgment day, where even more people would have perished and property damage is exponentially greater. I think perhaps its that in MOS we get a front row seat as the Kryptonians take Metropolis apart block-by-block with their dub-step gravity beam, that makes people turn off (again, it worked for me).

( very much the, you can't build anew without tearing down the old).

b) fistfights between god-like beings. I think what Snyder and co were going for was to show that for Superman and his kind, our world is pretty much made of tissue paper.

Even I got bored in the two transformers sequels, particularly the last one, which had plenty of pointless destruction IMO. MOS didn't feel excessive for me, yeah I probably wouldn't have wanted much more action, but it was just so great to see Superman do what he always does in the comics, which is fight !

I take your point about maybe MOS went too far, for some - well okay, I can be honest, for quite a few people, but then it got mixed reviews -which implies that half of the critical audience were okay with it.

As for what the GA likes, who really knows? They're a fickle bunch - because if you go by the box office, then Twilight is a massive success and a great film series.

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