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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post

Yes, there is :Superman takes Gral. Zod away from his mother flying, Superman flies to avoid the helicopter's shots, the tall Kryptonian attacks a plane flying, Faora does too but Superman flies to stop her, Faora goes to the bank flying and Superman takes her out flying as well, and the subsequent battle has some flying too, then Superman flies to save a soldier that's falling, Faora flies to fight the soldiers and Superman and the tall Kryptonian also fly while fighting, Superman saves Col. Hardy flying.

Thanks gods for the first true Superman live action fight. You overdid it a little bit and by the end it was more loud than dramatic but thanks.
Nam Ek and Faora never, ever fly. They are jumping. Arent we talking about the fighting? Superman flying to knock someone down to save a person is not considered fighting. Even when he pulls Zod away from his mother its completely one sided and can hardly be considered a flying fight. Zod was simply along for the ride. If you are comparing any of these sequences to the fight between Zod and Superman after Zod masters his senses and learns to fly himself after dropping the armor, then I strongly disagree.

Seeing Superman punch Zod twice between the buildings or him chasing Zod while both are flying is totally different to any fight sequence shown earlier in the film. What exactly did you want the Zod fight to be? When Zod says "Either you die or I do" thats not enough tension?

As for mocking seeing Superman display such powers, I think you and many others will grow to appreciate it as I think it will be a long while before Superman has any reason to ever cut loose again on anyone or anything. You know, you could have had another 'superman lifts' film. Oh well, Van Gogh never sold a single painting while alive. Some people cant appreciate some nice things, I guess.

As for the action, the only thing that bothered me was the World Engine settling over and destroying some skyscrapers. But my reasoning for disliking is different then most others. It felt too much like something I've seen before already. In fact almost immediately I remembered the Star Trek Into Darkness skyscraper destruction. I didnt like how every Hollywood film nowadays has to feature some sort of large scale urban destruction. It wasnt the carnage that bothered me, but the 'I've seen this before' feeling that did. Also I did not like the World Engine defenses on first viewing, but have come to really appreciate them. They give the film a great sci-fi comic feel. Its like those tentacles were ripped straight off a comic book page. Im actually glad Snyder decided to use them as they were his addition.

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