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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post

As for mocking seeing Superman display such powers, I think you and many others will grow to appreciate it as I think it will be a long while before Superman has any reason to ever cut loose again on anyone or anything. You know, you could have had another 'superman lifts' film. Oh well, Van Gogh never sold a single painting while alive. Some people cant appreciate some nice things, I guess.

As for the action, the only thing that bothered me was the World Engine settling over and destroying some skyscrapers. But my reasoning for disliking is different then most others. It felt too much like something I've seen before already. In fact almost immediately I remembered the Star Trek Into Darkness skyscraper destruction. I didnt like how every Hollywood film nowadays has to feature some sort of large scale urban destruction. It wasnt the carnage that bothered me, but the 'I've seen this before' feeling that did. Also I did not like the World Engine defenses on first viewing, but have come to really appreciate them. They give the film a great sci-fi comic feel. Its like those tentacles were ripped straight off a comic book page. Im actually glad Snyder decided to use them as they were his addition.
I agree with you about the current Hollywood obsession with smashing skyscrapers, although you have to admit the Gravity beam was a pretty cool way of doing it ( a little bit independence Day, but I liked that it took its time and slowly expanded outward).

As for the tentacles, I didn't really like them either on a first viewing. Still possibly not one of my favourite elements of the film. Now I loved Superman flying up the terraforming beam, that was cool - what I think would have worked was if Zod was at the World Engine, overseeing its operation, he and Supes fought, Zod chucked Supes into the beam, thinking it would have crushed him. Then Zod buggers off in the scoutship, back to Metropolis, to get the genesis chamber back to Black Zero.

Again, that would have worked just as well, if not better than the tentacles and might have put more tension in the final Supes v Zod Smackdown.
Just IMO.

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