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Default Superman's Primal shout/grunts awesome or awful, what do you think ?

hey Super-fans !

Part of Henry Cavill's performance as Superman, that really stands out
is his use of a primal shout/grunt whatever you want to call it,
whenever Superman exerts himself.

- lifting the oil rig tower
- smashing Faora out of the bank
- blasting Faora and Nam Ek with heat vision
- flying up the gravity beam
- flying away from the singularity
- breaking Zod's neck

and probably a few other instances I missed.

Personally, I liked it, because it showed that Superman really had to
put some effort in, that it wasn't easy saving the day - that the character
was about struggle, right from his birth on a dying world at war with itself,
to growing up isolated from humans, to struggling to

Anyway, I thought that as an acting/directing choice it really worked,
but it seems that not everyone else is in agreement with me, about
how overwhelmingly awesome MOS there might be those that
think this particular aspect of MOS' Superman didn't work.

Hey, fair enough, everyone's entitled to an opinion and personal taste.

Whether you liked it, hated it, were indifferent, what does everyone else think ?

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