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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Another quote for truth.
Thanks dude ! Just got to call it like I see it.

Man, the battle of Smallville gets better every time I watch it.
The fight is so fast paced, and brutal - you really feel like Supes
is fighting for his life - that bit where he punches Nam-Ek
left-right-left-right, then fly up in the air and POW, left into the
train-yard. Now THAT is how I've always imagined Superman
fighting live-action would look, and ......of course there's Faora, Faora, Faora, she's slinky, cool and badass, ( Faora 1 US Army/Airforce 0,
although I suppose when Hardy crashes into Black Zero, that levels
the score at 1:1 ) if WB put her in a future MOS or JL film, no doubt
it will lift the box office returns.

Would love to see Faora go toe-to-toe with Gadot's WW.
(Snyder, are you listening ? got a winner here buddy !)

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