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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
Yes, so? That makes MOS's action good... how exactly?
Again,... so? How does that make the action in MOS any less repetitive and numbing?
It doesn't make the action in MOS good..... because the action in MOS was awesome. But that's just IMO, and I'm guessing possibly the majority of the people who voted in the poll. If you found it repetitve and mind-numbing fair enough, but that is just IYO.

Clearly you didn't like it, hey fair enough, I don't disrespect your opinion, I don't agree with it, but you're entitled to it.

I loved it, didn't find it repetitive (and I've seen the film probably 50 times, and the action sequences many more times than that, I pretty much know the battle of Smallville Blow by blow, and I don't find it repetitive, or mind-numbing but then that's just my opinion).

There are other people who did agree with you and did find the action repetitive, and I suppose if we broke the scenes down frame by frame maybe we could do an objective analysis of whether that's true (although, again having seen the action scenes many many times, I doubt that) but really who has the time for that ? Anyway, if you didn't enjoy it, and found it repetitive, fair enough that's just YO, so why say more ?

So you don't think a critic's opinion proves nothing. Guess what happens when comparing MOS action to a movie that lacks of it. Same thing.
How many negatives were you intending to use there ?

What you've said is that I don't think a critic's opinion proves nothing, by that logic I must think it proves something.

What I was actually saying was that you can't take critical reaction as the sole measure of a film's quality. Who's not reading who's posts properly now eh ?

The title of this thread is "Too much action ?" nobody asked whether the action itself was good or not, that's a different question, although the conversation seems to have gone that way.

So, my comparison has validity, first because it's a comparison between Superman films (which would be the most logical things to compare, if I compared it to a Batman film, maybe that would be suspect) and second I made a comparison about the amount of action in them (again, directly related to the thread title, "too much action ?" ). The fact that I happen to like the type of action is just
an added bonus for me.

Your point, if we assume there is one, is that MOS action might be crap, but it's good because other movies have no action.
Again IMO the action in MOS was awesome. But that's not my point at all.

No, my point is that because this thread is titled "too much action" people who found there was too much, might enjoy Superman returns (which I hated, precisely because of its lack of action ). People who didn't enjoy Superman Returns, due to its snooze factor, might enjoy MOS.

You complain I didn't read your first post properly, and if I didn't I apologize, but it looks like you haven't read the title of the thread properly.

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