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Default Re: Too much action?

If I understand it right, Senator Pleasury is arguing that the action rang hollow, because there was no drama and emotional connection leading it? If so, as someone who enjoyed the action and loved Man of Steel, he's far from wrong. That pacing thing I mentioned earlier might had fixed that.

I would argue that this has been the exact same case with Superman II as well, but it would still not improve upon Man of Steel's errors. Superman Returns also didn't suffer because of its lack of action-- quite the opposite, it detached the action when it raised that continent outside of Metropolis and that's where the "lifting of things" became ridiculous.

Again, I liked the action. I had fun. It didn't tire me. But a non-stop beat-down, all concentrated in the last half of the film, heavy on the CGI with little tangible collateral damage (the Kryptonians didn't interact with civilians, they didn't directly put in danger anyone we cared about outside Hardy and Hamilton) is a bit heavy.

The action is good, in that it's impressive and well-choreographed. But it doesn't let up, there is no juxtaposition and as such rings hollow. Let's call a spade a spade, otherwise things will not get better; even if some of us think they're already good, there's always room for improvement. From where I stand, as a fan of the movie myself, that's an area where improvement is more than welcome.

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