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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by NeoRanger View Post
If I understand it right, Senator Pleasury is arguing that the action rang hollow, because there was no drama and emotional connection leading it? If so, as someone who enjoyed the action and loved Man of Steel, he's far from wrong. That pacing thing I mentioned earlier might had fixed that.

I would argue that this has been the exact same case with Superman II as well, but it would still not improve upon Man of Steel's errors. Superman Returns also didn't suffer because of its lack of action-- quite the opposite, it detached the action when it raised that continent outside of Metropolis and that's where the "lifting of things" became ridiculous.

Again, I liked the action. I had fun. It didn't tire me. But a non-stop beat-down, all concentrated in the last half of the film, heavy on the CGI with little tangible collateral damage (the Kryptonians didn't interact with civilians, they didn't directly put in danger anyone we cared about outside Hardy and Hamilton) is a bit heavy.

The action is good, in that it's impressive and well-choreographed. But it doesn't let up, there is no juxtaposition and as such rings hollow. Let's call a spade a spade, otherwise things will not get better; even if some of us think they're already good, there's always room for improvement. From where I stand, as a fan of the movie myself, that's an area where improvement is more than welcome.

I find none of the action hollow. The stakes are clear for all parties involved and are rendered in great detail. I agree that one could make the argument that there is indeed an action pile up near the end, but I think it's far from some objective "spades a spade" situation. It could turn some people off. I think it did. But there are plenty that it did not. Plenty. I find the movie infinitely watchable, and unlike say TDK, the pacing is a prime reason why, as to my eyes the pacing in TDK, along with certain plots I felt no emotional connection to (most anything Racheal and Harvey. The scene in the hospital with the Joker is a great piece of film making and a crackerjack performance from Ledger... But I just gave two flying copulations about Dent or Racheal so in the end... Big whoop.) makes it drag in comparison to MOS. And there are more characters than Hardy or Hamilton involved in those scenes. Hamiltion and Hardy are involved as are Perry, and Jenny, Lombard and Lois, the last four of which are part of Metropolis' population. The battle is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to Clark's search for his roots, as he makes the irrevocable choice to side with his adoptive parents homeworld as well as honor Jor-el and Lara's wishes that he break free from Krypton's stagnant culture. ("Krypton had it's chance!!"). I can see how the pacing could be an issue, but I can't see how any of it is hollow. But that is me.

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