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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
I did read the title, and I think the problem was not the amount of action. And I won't create another thread called "Good action or bad action" because we can debate all the aspects of the action in MOS in here. The title is not "So what movie could we see that has less action" either.

And I have seen you saying stuff like "Yo Super-fans! Just to take the conversation a slightly different direction," so I didn't think it would be a problem that someone else did it.
That's fair, it isn't a problem, but it does mean that you and I are answering different questions.

I asked you what was the point in bringing other movie where the action was too little. I didn't get an answer to that and I suspect I won't.
This goes to what I just said about us answering different questions.
I'm answering "was there too much action in MOS?" whereas you're answering "Was the action in MOS any good ?"

Anyway, I did answer your query, but in case you missed it, this thread asks if the action in MOS was too much ? "Too much" implies a comparison, one way of deciding if something is too much, when you compare it to something else that was either just right, or not enough ( which is why I used the Goldilocks metaphor). Anyway, in discussing whether there was too much action in MOS it is therefore worth making a comparison with another film - a Superman film, the Superman film that immediately preceded MOS, (by only 7 years, as opposed to over 30 years for Superman the Movie and Superman II) and which was heavily criticized for being lacking in the action department.

I don't slag anyone off for liking Superman Returns, actually I feel slightly envious of them, as I felt really ripped off by that film, and if I hadn't been on a date, would have walked out.

However, you make a good point about Superman II though, I suppose it would look like the most logical comparison (or more logical than Superman Returns) as MOS covers pretty much the same ground as the first half of Superman the Movie + all of Superman II.

But, given that it came out in 1980 the comparison isn't so easy. Obviously special effects were much more limited then, so the scene where the villains fight Superman in the middle of metropolis isn't anywhere near as flashy.

What would Donner have done, if he had access to the technology we have now ? Would he have done the same stuff or gone more with what Snyder did in MOS ? I haven't read any comments from Richard Donner, on Man of Steel, but it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on it.

It might not be such an easy comparison after all - it would be a bit like comparing Batman 1989 with The Dark Knight, if we follow your logic, because Batman fights the same enemy. The problem is that there are significant differences in tone between the films as well (just like there are between Superman II and MOS), the Dark Knight reflects the trend toward more serious superhero films, but perhaps also more contemporary audience sensibilities.

That's why I went with Superman Returns, which came out in 2006 (directly preceding MOS), I think Superman II vs MOS is possibly a thread all in itself, because any comparison of those films is going to be a lot more nuanced then just looking at the action sequences.

Anyway, I think you are right that this thread is big enough to talk about all the issues with the action - and you're not the only person I've heard making comments about it being mind-numbing, plenty of critics felt the same way.

So what would you have done differently ? I'm talking about the last 30 minutes specifically (not the Smallville battle, because IMO that's what super-hero vs supervillain fights should look like) but as for the final act as much as I enjoyed it, I'm sure there could have been some tweaks (or possibly from your perspective, some very drastic re-shooting/rewriting).

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