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Default Re: Marvel Heroes to start tomorrow and prices for heroes revealed

Just be through.
For those that missed it here's the twitch recorded stream show case of Moon Knight and Dare devil's Review /Rework.


Marvel Heroes: Official Twitch Channel
MarvelHeroes about an hour ago

and here's details on solo and Duo's content From the dev's in written Form.


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February 20
@Quintessence said: After reading up on the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Holo-Simulator I was saddened to read this comment -
There's no reason to be sad about this; my comment should definitely not be taken to mean we won't do (and continue to do) supergroup and raid-style content, it just means that we recognize that there is a part of the player population that will never do those things, and we want to make sure there are elements of the game that work well for them solo and as a duo.
Also, it should be noted that supergroups aren't created equal - some are tight-knit groups who play together all the time, others are more casual and are purely social, and every shade in between.

@SuOT said: If many players often play solo/duo is due, mainly, to the lack of benefits from grouping and that's also what moved some players to ask for a "solo MM" amongst other content, also because while soloing, its a drawback to encounter other players.
All in all, I'm stating that Gazillion takes the main part in whether the players play solo or not. Subtle changes like the bonus party XP would increase grouping, as sharing LQ's will do. Also, if they add more bonuses to party, players will party.
My experience and general observation of the metrics on this kind of thing both here and at other places has been is that you are right that the design of the game can influence this.
However, I would also say the evidence is pretty strong that although there is a chunk of any player population that will always prefer to play in groups, and a chunk of any player population that is negotiable about whether they play solo or in groups, there is also always a chunk of any player population that no matter what the benefit will almost always play solo or in a duo, and actively resents when they feel that a game is pushing them to play in a group.
I mean, even in Shadowbane, arguably the most solo-unfriendly MMO ever made, there were people who had guilds but still always solo'd.
Now, that middle group of "negotiables" is a group that I think ways should be found in the design to offer incentives to group. The fact is, one of the most reliable predictors of a stickyness (how long a player stays in a game) is how much they group.
Which is, in fact, one of the reasons why right now we are devoting such a high percentage of our internal resources towards raid content.
So, put simply, our approach could be stated simply as: Continue to iterate and design for ways to encourage players to group, but to still provide meaningful gameplay for those



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February 20
I strongly support Supergroups and we have many new features of quality of life enhancements coming for supergroups.
Heretic is just a loner, which is also good to have since we want to support solo players as well as groups of players.

from here:

Source: Marvel heroes Twitch channel and forum.

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