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Default Re: Superman III - The Official Thread

Originally Posted by The Sarge View Post
I had a hard time re-watching this the other night. A lot of scenes drag on and go nowhere. A bunch of boring villains and lame gags. Why couldn't the manufactured kryptonite just be red? Why couldn't the computer just become Braniac? The weird almost-from-the-comics-but-not thing going on is only a bitter reminder of how things are adapted from superior material.
I think the kryptonite has to be green in order to preserve the twist that it isn't normal kryptonite. And the supercomputer is too different to just call it Brainiac. It was designed and built on Earth rather than being extraterrestrial as it should be, and it was an actual computer as opposed to a green-skinned android. It's a little like saying the evil Superman is Bizarro just because he's an evil Superman. Where's the Bizarro logic? The white, craggy skin? He's simply Superman with a bad attitude, there's nothing particularly bizarre about him, which is the whole point.

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